Cu Denver Admissions Essays

Financial Aid

We know how complicated financial aid can be, so we have a single page that can help you locate the information you need.

You're automatically considered for merit scholarships once you complete your application for admission. These scholarships and grants are awarded based on your record of academic achievement and the strength of your application. We provide over $130 million in aid each year.

To be considered for need-based aid, submit your FAFSA and CSS PROFILE, check your application status, and apply for outside scholarships if you're interested.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Early Decision applicants

    Submit your Early Decision Agreement Form.

  • Students over 24 years old

    If you've been out of high school for three or more years and you don't have any previous college credit, you can apply through either the Pioneer Application or the Common Application. You also have the option of submitting a letter of recommendation from an employer.

  • Home schooled students

    If you're a home schooled student, you can use the application process listed above. However, you will need to submit a letter of recommendation from a non-family member.

  • GED students

    Please submit a copy of your high school transcript that shows all completed coursework. You need to submit one letter of recommendation, preferably from a former teacher or counselor.

  • Music majors

    If you're applying to be a music student, you'll need to submit a supplemental application from the Lamont School of Music. You'll receive this after you've submitted your Common App or Pioneer App. You will also be required to submit an audition or portfolio. All music applicants must apply for the Regular Decision deadline. Contact the Lamont School of Music with any questions.

  • Art/design majors

    If you're applying to a BFA program, you must submit a portfolio. Contact the Art Department if you have questions.

  • Business majors

    The majority of students interested in attending our Daniels College of Business will be directly admitted to the program of their choice. Some students will be asked to submit a secondary application to the Daniels College after the completion of their first year on campus.

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