Sony Ericsson Mps-30 Pin Assignments

cellphone cable and connector wiring scheme for D750i, K310a, K310i, K310c, K320i, K510a, K510i, K510c, K610i, K610im, K618i, K750c, K750i, K758c, K790i, K790c, K790a, K800i, M600i, M608c, P990i, V630i, W710i, W710c, W712a, W850i, W950i, Z520a, Z520i, Z520c, Z525i, Z525a, Z530c, Z530i, Z550c, Z550i, Z550a, Z558i, Z558c, Z610i, Z710c, Z710i, W300i, W300c, W550c, W550i, W600c, W600i, W700c, W700i, W800c, W800i, W810c, W810i, W830i, W830c, W900c, W900i, W958c and some other new SE

12 pin SonyEricsson K750i cell phone special connector to the mobile phone

4 pin USB A or USB B plug connector to the cable

1USB +5Vconnect to PC USB pin 1
9Gndconnect to PC USB pin 4
10USB DATA+connect to PC USB pin 3
11USB DATA-connect to PC USB pin 2
12Charge Inshould be connected to PC USB pin 1 for charging. Anyway, charging should proceed without this connection in some cases.


  • May be used as a data or service cable (with some programs)


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My mum wanted a portable speaker for her iPod (She’s obsessed with this article about headphones being bad for her ears). I had almost ordered the xMini speakers when I remembered I already had a portable speaker from my Sony Ericsson W810i.

It didn’t have a stereo (3.5 mm) port, just the Sony Ericsson connector. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m the cheapest ass in town :D. I soldered in a stereo setup, here’s how.

1) Open up the Speaker using Torx 6 screwdriver (T6).

2) Solder the connection as per this pic. It also needs an external power source (+5V), you can use USB, a 5V adapter, or even a discarded battery 😀

3) Here are some alternative points that I could find out (I broke the Sony Ericsson port *facepalm*).

4) Erm, thats it. Do all the cosmetic stuff (I <3 Hotglue) and Tada!

Playing on the hot seat (I mean the charging dock 🙂 )

This time, I have a video for you. By this, I’m launching my YouTube Channel. There’ll be better videos so, don’t forget to subscribe 😉


So lazy that he can’t even fill this column out.

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