Soc 101 Assignment 3 Solution 2016 Military

We live today-at the beginning of the twentieth century-in a world that is intensely worrying, yet full of
the most extraordinary promise for the future. It is a world awash with change, marked by deep conflicts,
tensions and social divisions, as well as by the destructive onslaught of modern technology on the natural
environment. Yet we have possibility of controlling our destiny and shaping our lives for the better that
would have been unimaginable to earlier generations.
How did this world come about? Why are our conditions of life so different from those of our parents and
grandparents? What directions change will take in future? These questions are the prime concern of
sociology, a field of study that consequently has a fundamental role in modern technological life.
Assignment Activity
As a student of Sociology you are expected to understand social world in a better way. The diverse
impacts of social world on an individual’s life are multidimensional. In this regard, you are given a chance
to evaluate your own life (Profile) in context with social world. You are required to write a 1000 word
article based on the following points:
•  How society shaped your life?
•  Impact of social forces on your personal life.
•  How your ascribed status is influenced by achieved status?
•  The varying influence of social forces on your life as compared to your parents and grandparents. 

Assignment 3 ArTcle: Dyer “Anybody’s son will do”. 1. How do the U.S Marines socialize their recruits? Socializaton can be ThoughT of as “learning” anyThing or learning a new actviTy or adjustng To new siTuatons or inTeractng wiTh new people. Socializaton in mosT siTuatons is genTle and gradual. BuT in few siTuatons, iT is swiF and bruTal, like for example, during The recruiTmenT of soldiers inTo an army. AFer ±rsT arriving aT The Marine Corps EasT coasT faciliTy aT Parris Island, a sysTematc applicaton of gradually increasing sTress is applied on The recruiTs. ²hey are made To be worn-ouT righT from The ±rsT day, as The shock TreaTmenT They are abouT To receive will work besT in This sTaTe. ²he recruiTs are noT allowed To leave Parris Island tll Their Training is compleTe, so They are compleTely isolaTed from The disTractons of The ouTside world. ²hey are also only occasionally allowed To conTacT Their family members. ²hen all The recruiTs geT The same hair cuT and wear The same cloThes, so ThaT They don’T wasTe tme worrying abouT Their exTernal appearances. ²his is also a ±rsT sTep in building a sense of “broTherhood” among The recruiTs. ²he psychological manipulaton is Then contnued by applying enormous physical and menTal pressure. ²his changes The way in which The recruiTs Think from deep wiThin inside and makes Them believe ThaT They can do Things which previously They ThoughT They wouldn’T have been able To do.

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