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2 BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW ESSAY In the book of Romans, chapter one to eight Paul provides an account and clarification of issues had been a bond of contention in the Roman society. He chiefly touches on relationships between humans, notably the Jews and Gentiles. The teachings touches on various aspects that determine worldview including: Human identity, human relationships, the natural world and culture. The teachings provide that human identity should not be determined by outward appearance but by the internal look. It also provides that in matters of faith there should not be inferiority or superiority because all have received the same salvation by the same Christ. About the natural world, Paul teaches that Christians’ view of the natural world should be that they ought to identify themselves as equals to the unbelievers because it is only through grace that they have been saved. About culture, Paul states that Christians’ culture out to be determined by what pleases God as opposed to what is pleasant to the flesh, he also states that circumcision should not be used as a cultural practice for self-glory but rather as a seal of righteousness. The teachings provided by Paul in this account are essential determinants of how Christians’ worldview should be. The Natural World In chapters one to eight of Romans Paul spends a significant amount of time talking about the natural world from a Christian-worldview perspective (Dunn 2007) . He points out several issues in the natural world and how Christians’ perception of them should be. He talks about idol worship which occurs in the natural world; he states that human beings out of the effect of sin create for themselves idols which they identify as their own gods and worship them. He states that Christians should never be mentioned in idol worship. Paul spends a significant amount of time talking about the impact of sin to the natural world ( Moo 2002 ). He points out that majority of unnatural practices that occur in the world today are as a result of the sinful nature of humankind. For example, he talks about adultery and homosexuality. He clarifies on how adultery should be perceived in the Christians’ worldview. He creates an interesting analogy between the law and adultery (Piper 2007) . He points out that a woman who remarries when her estranged husband is still alive commits adultery; however, a woman who remarries after her husband is dead commits no adultery. This is an important teaching concerning the life of Christians in the natural world. Nonetheless, Paul used this analogy to explain how Christians should relate to the Law of Moses. Christians should be dead to the law, thus they allowed to be married to Christ. They should not be justified by their deeds but rather by their faith in Christ. It is only through faith and by the grace of Christ that Christians are counted righteous. Therefore,


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Scientific Method

The purpose of science is to prove or disprove theories and hypotheses presented asfactual. In order to do this, scientist must seek truth empirically with logical data to support theirfindings. As defined; the scientific method is a process by which mathematical and experimentaltechniques are employed in the natural sciences. Many empirical sciences, especially the socialsciences, use mathematical tools borrowed from




,togetherwith such outgrowths of these as




,utility theory, and


(Scientific Method, 2012, This is the scientificprocess of seeking knowledge and truth. There are other ways of seeking knowledge and truththat go beyond the scientific method.

The Steps Used In the Scientific Method

The scientific method involves following these steps; purpose, research, hypothesis,experiment, analysis and conclusion. A researcher must define the purpose for their research, i.e.variable studies done to test hypotheses presented. Research in a particular subject area isneeded in order to present supporting data. Developing a hypothesis is necessary to supportfactual data when studying single variables. According to Jackson (2012) a hypothesis is aprediction regarding the outcome of a study involving the potential relationship between at leasttwo variables (p. 9). Only through empirical testing can an experiment be conceived for thepurpose of generating data to support a null or alternative hypothesis. Once these initial stepsare taken, an analysis of the data collected is needed to support empirical findings. A researcheris now able to publically report his/her findings to the academic community and researchconsumers.

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