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Importantly, I had to decide for whom, and about what, I was going to write:

  • Who would my ideal clients be? How could I discover and contact them? And
  • What issues/topics would my articles address? How could I add value to the world through my content?

Moreover, I needed to figure out how I could effectively monetize my writing.

I had no interest in pursuing an entrepreneurial project merely as a hobby.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a profitable side hustle or, if possible, build a successful full-time business that would earn significant revenue and open up new possibilities in life for me.

Thus, I “jumped” into the market — or, more accurately, into several markets — and began experimenting.

Experiment #1: Editing Content on Popular Blogs

My first strategy was to target the owners of popular blogs and try to convince them to hire me to edit their posts.

I focused on websites that blogged about, well, blogging, e.g., building WordPress sites, setting up online stores and using affiliate links, maximizing SEO for posts, etc.

I went after the “biggest” blogging websites out there, the ones that virtually always appear on page one search results whenever you Google anything related to blogging or Wordpress.

Two of my experiences are worth mentioning.

First, I contacted “Beth”, the owner of a very popular WordPress tutorials site.

Introducing myself via the contact form on Beth’s website, I utilized the Delivery of Free Work strategyto send Beth a fully re-written piece of content based on one of her most popular posts.

Prior to reaching out to Beth, I searched her website for a trending article that was in need of a more sophisticated write-up and presentation (in terms of grammar, spelling, and syntax, clarity of expression, quality of evidence cited, etc.).

I copied the text to a new MS Word document, re-wrote the entire post line-by-line, corrected all errors and improved the prose, uploaded the new document to Dropbox, and sent Beth the link.

Alongside the file, I provided Beth with a brief explanation of why I was contacting her, noting that I would love to help her polish her website’s content so that its form and style could be as impressive as its substance.

I waited around two weeks for a response but a reply never arrived.

I sent Beth one final email in which I politely reminded her that I had previously contacted her and I emphasized that I believed I could help her with her business.

Later that day Beth sent me a response.

She said she appreciated my hustle and tenacity, i.e., that I had done quality work for her for free and had demonstrated persistence in trying to get her attention.

Unfortunately, after a few more exchanges Beth and I realized that we weren’t a proper match for each other from a business perspective.

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