Object Oriented Databases Case Study

Ayoub, Georges (1998) Object-oriented database management system case study for declarative query language. Other thesis, Concordia University.


Object-Oriented database management systems (OODBMS) combine the abstraction power of objects with the query and performance capabilities of database management systems. Existing query notations were missing many object related features until recently. The introduction of a new query notation, known by Object Comprehensions, allows queries to be expressed clearly and processed efficiently. Our work is to establish a testbed for the processing of Object Comprehension Language (OCL) queries using an experimented object-oriented database, Ode. This thesis overviews object-oriented databases evolution, and object query processing, then introduces an object-oriented database system, Ode, whose programming language O$\sp{++}$ is based on C$\sp{++}.$ A university data model is built using O$\sp{++},$ stored into the Ode database, and utilities, such as bag, list and set, are written to support the processing of OCL queries. The translation of OCL queries into O$\sp{++}$ is not part of this thesis, but is part of a related project.

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Intermedia: A case study of the differences between relational and object-oriented database systems

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OOPSLA '87 Conference proceedings on Object-oriented programming systems, languages and applications
Pages 452-465

Orlando, Florida, USA — October 04 - 08, 1987
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table of contents ISBN:0-89791-247-0 doi>10.1145/38765.38849
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Volume 22 Issue 12, Dec. 1987
Pages 452-465
ACMNew York, NY, USA
table of contentsdoi>10.1145/38807.38849
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