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Best Answer:  Thorn is the safty guard for the rose. Where as a vice can not be a safey guard to anybody. Life is not a bed of roses; Life encounter thorns also. One may have ups and downs. Good and evil, one has to face. Also nobody is perfect and so give allowance to some extent.

Rose and thorn based sayings are in each and every language with many meanings and interpretations.

1) Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Meanings & Uses:

A proverb is a short and wise saying that expresses a basic truth about life or mankind. "Every rose has its thorn" is a famous proverb generally used to teach an important fact about human nature-nobody is perfect. Even the rose, beautiful and enticing, is not without its flaws; the prickly thorns of the rose can poke and pierce the flesh. In fact, there is a type of plant in the Rose family, Hawthorn, whose thorns are toxic to the eye, and scratching of the cornea with it often leads to loss of vision. Even something as beautiful as a rose has its flaws.

Alternatively, "Every rose has its thorn" can be understood to speak of life situations, teaching the valuable life lesson that even the best situations have their down-sides. It follows, therefore, that even the bad situations have their positive sides.


The famous proverb "Every rose has its thorn" is believed to have originated either as a Dutch, French or Italian proverb. In French, the saying goes "Pas de rose sans épine". In Italian it is "Non c'è rosa senza spine."

Latin Proverbs:

a) There is no rose without thorns.

(The preposition sine takes the ablative. This is a typical double negative in Latin, which is logically a positive; in other words, "Every rose has its thorns.")

b) The rose is often close to the stinging nettle.

(Notice the word order here: you have the noun rosa as the subject of the sentence at the end, and the predicate of the sentence, the adjectival phrase urticae proxima comes at the beginning of the sentence. You will find this line in Ovid's Remedia Amoris.) Urticae proxima saepe rosa est.

c) Always the thorn is near the sweet-smelling roses.

(This proverb has an even more intricate, even poetic, word order, with the subject of the sentence, spina plopped down into the middle of the adjectival phrase which is the predicate: odoriferis proxima rosis. The noun-adjective phrase odoriferis...rosis poetically "wraps" around the main part of the sentence.)

A similar proverb, believed to be from Persia, says "He who wants a rose must respect the thorn". Here too the idea of imperfection is expressed, teaching that one can only have a loving relationship with another after respecting that individual's differences and flaws. The Greeks have a different proverb that also uses the symbolism of a rose and expresses a similar meaning to "Every rose has its thorn". "From a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn" teaches that something that begins as an imperfection or flaw can grow to be as beautiful as a rose. So too something as stunning as a rose is also not perfect, for within, there are also flaws. This proverb also speaks of the cycle of life, from life to death, death to life.

2) The infinite wisdom in the good old proverbs of various nations.
Persian Proverb: He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.
Bulgarian proverb: The rose has thorns only for those who would gather it.
Greek Proverb: From a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn.
French Proverb: It is by believing in roses that one brings them to bloom.
Afghan proverb: May you have the beauty of a rose, but bloom for longer.

Roses and you: Share whatever comes...

3) "Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses" - Alphonse Kerr.

Chinese Proverb: A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.

Old Jewish Proverb: From the thorn bush comes forth the rose.

4) Rose and thorn; chronology:

Cf. [Claudian In Nuptias Honorii‥Fescennina iv. 10] Armat spina rosas, mella tegunt apes, a thorn arms roses, bees conceal their honey.

There is no rose‥in garden, but there be sum thorne.
[1430-40 Lydgate Bochas Prol. ix]

The sweetest Rose hath his prickel.
[1579 Lyly Euphues i. 184]

But no good without paines; no Roses without prickles.
[1603 J. Florio tr. Montaigne's Essays III. iii. 68]

No rose without a thorn.
[1670 J. Ray English Proverbs 138]
Queer the number of pins they always have. No roses without thorns.
[1922 Joyce Ulysses]

‘But everything depends on the baby. What a bore.’ ‘No rose without a thorn, eh?’
[1965 H. Acton Old Lamps 218]


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There are more sorrows than joys in life, if someone thinks deeply about it and becomes upset, he can never be happy. We cannot ignore the bitter truths of life and can only search some moments of happiness to keep ourselves satisfied.

The idea of a happy life differs from man to man. True happiness is just a state of mind. It is no way connected with material glory and eminence. There are people who think that happiness is hidden in wealth.

These people are very much sure that the rich lot enjoys life to its fullest. They do what they wish with no worry at all. If this were true, kings and millionaires would be perfectly happy. They would then know no sorrow. But this is not the fact. They are hardly happy. Again there are people who find happiness in high rank and authority. This is also not true.

Whatever may be the concept of happiness one thing is clear that there is no one in this vast world who is satisfied with what he has. It is human nature to wish for more and more and this is the reason of all the miseries. Hence a life of contentment is essential for happiness. One would be satisfied with one’s present lot. There is no limit of worldly possessions.

If some one wishes to have all type of luxury things, it well be the invitation of sorrow and nothing else. Here we can quote the words of Swami Ram Tirth, “Easiest way to the greatest happiness is the most faithful use of what you possess.” Our aim must not be acquiring more and more but keeping satisfied ourselves with what we have acquired.

We must always try to keep our mental state within limit. It is equally important to minimise our wants. Chirst, Buddha, Gandhi, all gave stress on the importance of voluntary renunciation of the worldly possessions to achieve true happiness the greater the simplicity of life, the greater the happiness.

Life is not a bed of roses

“Life is not a bed of roses” saying is in other words as “Life is a bed of thorns” or samituliounsly that “Life is like a battlefield” are deeply refered for youths to growup their capabilities like hardship and sincerety to fufill their ambitions by ignoring either demolishing bad social impacts and behaviour like thrills and Hurricanes behind in support of a great qoute “Tomorrow never dies” or “After every dark night there is a morning”. These all sayings and qoutes are conceptualy equal or same, which are utmost prefered for self motivation, self improvement and self guidance; Generally on this earth life is like hat and tail (Two sides) of a coin, same to same as differnt happy and said moment phases of life,,, But if we will think about it. Life is full of struggle and challenges, and if we want to succeed we should always place our trust in God Almighty, also in ourselves.

God knows what is best for us because He is the only one unique creator of the whole universe and the one who can gives solutions to our problems. God create us individualy and our minds or thoughts are therefore different from each other. We should never think that if we facing pain or un-success than life becomes useless for us. As we say after every dark night that comes up with full of light that brightens up your day. If we face crises than do think that the success is making its way to us. All we have to do is to urge harder to get through all the problems which surely will bring you closer to a better future. We should Never lose the hope as we say that ‘tomorrow never dies’; we have to search,,, we have to stuggle hard,,, we have to overcome fear in ourselves,,, we have to move and more forward in our quest for victory,,,; No matter! what it takes, cause we know it is a hard and difficult journy,,, But when the smole has cleared, we shall emerge as victors and survivors.

Always remember an example that climbing the ladder says to reach to the top you have to climb every single step on the ladder; Same is the case with the success of life. Success is not the ladder which can be climbed with your hands in the pocket.

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