Sample Accounts Payable Manager Cover Letters

Accounts Payable Cover Letter

This sample accounts payable cover letter should immediately get the readers' attention and persuade them to give your job application serious consideration.

Make your cover letter relevant to the stated requirements of the accounts payable job opportunity by highlighting those skills and abilities that the employer is looking for.

Demonstrate why you are a good fit for the job and how you can add value to the company.


Your Name
Your Address
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Neil Peterson
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
18 Industry Road
New York, NY 10021

Dear Mr Peterson

I was very pleased to learn of your need for an Accounts Payable Clerk on ABC website. I believe the skills and qualities you are looking for are well matched by my experience and background.

Please allow me to demonstrate my capabilities as they relate to your stated job criteria.

  • Successful track record of processing over 1000 invoices in a month with high accuracy
  • History of implementing and maintaining efficient accounts payable systems and procedures
  • Demonstrated ability as a collaborative and proactive solutions seeker
  • Strong communication skills for interacting with vendors and employees in a professional manner
  • Able to work independently in a well organized manner to balance and prioritize multiple demands
  • Proficient in MS Office, Excel and ERP systems

My enclosed resume covers my experience in greater detail.  I am confident that my strong work ethic combined with my skills and enthusiasm will add measurable value to your organization. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the job opportunity further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jane Jobseeker

Your accounts payable resume is your entry to the job you want. Make sure it gets read by including a persuasive cover letter.

This detailed accounts payable job description will provide a summary of the tasks and responsibilities common to accounts payable positions.

10 Basic Cover Letter Rules

  • keep it to one page
  • customize your cover letter to each job opportunity
  • use an easy-to-read font and format
  • address it to an individual by name
  • use your company and job research to quickly impress with your relevant details
  • demonstrate enthusiasm and energy
  • ask for the next step in the hiring process
  • maintain a balance between professionalism and friendliness
  • thank the reader
  • check, re-check and check again for typos

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A cover letter is one of the best ways jobseekers can help get their resume noticed more by hiring managers. Great cover letters demonstrate enthusiasm in a job and highlight a candidate’s most relevant talents related to the open position. In the financial industry, you can customize your cover letter by checking out some important do’s and don’ts in this accounts payable specialist cover letter example.

  • Do use a cover letter guide to help make each sentence of your letter more compelling to an employer.
  • Don’t be too modest. This is one place where you want to brag about your talents and experiences from your work in bookkeeping or accounting.
  • Do limit the length of your cover letter. The standard length for one is about half a page or 250 words.
  • Don’t forget to proofread and edit your cover letter. After checking over your grammar and spelling, do another read to make sure you didn’t use passive voice or add overly wordy sentences.
  • Do try to highlight the specific skills you have for the job, such as proficiency with spreadsheets, accounting software, invoicing and payment information.

Accounts Payable Specialist Advice

Looking for an accounts payable specialist position? Accounts payable specialists are responsible for ensuring that a company’s bills get paid in a timely manner. The cover letter examples below have been created specifically to help you land a payroll specialist job. Our cover letter examples cover a variety of topics you’ll likely want to fit into your cover letter , including spreadsheets expertise, math, communication and organizational skills. And we’ve included a range of design templates to fit your specific needs.

Cover Letter Tips for Accounts Payable Specialist

Finding jobs as a Accounts Payable Specialist can be made significantly easier by taking the right kind of action. These tips can give you the strategy you need for a successful job search.

1. Dig deep for job leads. In addition to using well-known job listing websites, also check out sites for professional associations. Sometimes the website of a local chapter has listing of jobs in the area.

2. Make a job-hunting plan. Do more than “spray and pray. ” If your job-hunting strategy entails sending out your application to as many job listings as possible, then you’re missing out on other career-building opportunities like visiting employment fairs or attending job-skill workshops.

3. Build your online presence. In addition to having a social media account, make sure you build it up by showing your professional personality. Share news and developments in the industries you are interested in. This can help build your authority as a subject matter expert in your field.

4. Keep an open mind toward contract work. It’s common for many businesses to offer temp positions or outsourcing positions. These opportunities can help you keep your foot in the door in a slow job market.

5. Make time to self-reflect on your career path. Understanding your ideal work environment and work-life balance can help you target your job search.

Accounts Payable Specialist Job Seeking Tips

Despite the changing dynamics of job-hunting in the digital age, the one thing that remains constant is having a cover letter. A successful job search takes a winning cover letter. No matter your years of experience, skill set or career level, these tips can help you tailor your cover letter for landing a job as a Accounts Payable Specialist.

1. Understand the unbreakable rules in creating a cover letter. Those unbreakable rules include accuracy and correct spelling.

2. But know the breakable rules in creating your cover letter, such as the number of pages or having additional sections like credentials.

3. Understand the various delivery formats. Employers may want various file formats of your cover letter, such as a PDF file or a plain text file, meaning without text formatting.

4. Focus on transferrable skills. While it’s important to list your previous job responsibilities, make sure you emphasize skills that are useful toward your targeted industry.

5. Use templates to get you started. No need to reinvent the wheel. Cover letter templates for specific industries can point your cover letter in the right direction.

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