Study Skills Essay Sample

Some basic study habits can help you be a better student, and make studying a lot less painful.

Study environment

It doesn't matter where you study as long as the space is quiet, comfortable and distraction-free. Wherever you choose to study, put up motivating quotes, pictures, or anything else that makes you feel good.

Know your peak times

People work best at different times of the day, and only you know when you work most efficiently. Figure out when you seem to get things done most efficiently and organise your routine around that.

Know your learning style

Different people also have different learning styles. Some people work well when they plan things visually, other people get their best results from working in a group. Once you figure out your personal learning style, you can get your work done more effectively.

Take a break

If you feel like you're not getting anywhere while studying, take a break and come back to your work later. You're rarely productive if you keep trying to work when you're tired or stressed.

Study skills refer to the variety of activities, techniques or behaviors that support effective learning.

They help us to discover, process and remember new information.

Some well cited examples are reading, note taking, essay writing.

As they are essential for academic success it is worthwhile to ask yourself these questions.

Are you missing any of these skills?

Which are already well developed?

Can I improve upon those you already have?

To help you answer these questions here’s my list of essential study skills:

1# Succinctness – useful for both note taking and essays

2# Organisation – aids effective study

3# Self-disciplined – needed to meet deadlines and achieve your academic goals

4# Numeracy – Being able to cope with at least basic level mathematics is important for most courses

5# Writing skills – Being able to write essays, papers and reports to the required academic standard is one of the most common and difficult study skills to master.

6# Computer literacy – An essential skill if you want to produce high-quality reports and essays or to use the internet for research.

7# Self-improvement – Being able to learn from and remedy your mistakes and weaknesses will help you  to realise your academic potential

8# Determination – Determination to succeed will help you through the difficult times in your course. This requires motivation and a strong work ethic.

9# Problem solving – Strong problem solving skills are a valuable asset. They can help you to choose a suitable course, complete an essay on time or find information and advice

10# Reading skills – It is self-explanatory that being able to read and retain information quickly is important. There are many online resources and books that can help you to do this.

11# Able to concentrate – To study effectively in your studies you will probably  need to concentrate for long periods of time. This will improve with practice. Create time and a quiet space for yourself to do this well.

12# Willing to ask for help – everyone needs help sometimes, so don’t be afraid to ask for it.

13# A good negotiator – this might help in group work or when you need to come to an agreement about deadline extensions.

14# Oral communication – Many courses might require you to give presentations or take an active part in classroom discussions.

15# Creativity – This might help you to present original arguments in your essays, or help you with any design elements in your course.

The other 11 study skills can be found here…26 essential study skills…continued

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