Ignou Bca Solved Assignment 2014-15 Nba

Course Code : MCS-012
Course Title : Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming
Assignment Number : MCA (2)/012/Assign /2014-15
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%

Convert the following string into equivalent “UTF 8” code – “DNS uses domains like .com, .au etc.”. Are these UTF 8 codes same as that used in ASCII?


UTF 8        Stands for   U – Universal Character Set

T – Transformation

F – Format

8 – 8-bits (28 =256 characters)

ASCII CODE table:-

To Convert:

DNS uses domains like .com, .au etc.


D=068 N=078 S=083 (space)=032 u=117 s=115 e=101 s=115  (space)=032 d=100 o=111 m=109 a=097 i=105 n=110 s=115  (space)=032 l=108 i=105 k=107 e=101  (space)=032 .(dot)=046 c=099 o=111 m=109 ,(comma)=044  (space)=032 .(dot)=046 a=097 u=117   (space)=032 e=101 t=116 c=099 .(dot)=046

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