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Saturday 27 October, 2012 (Mangsir 11, 2069)

Dashain is greatest festival of Hindus. According to Hindu myths this festival is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of victory of truth against false, good against bad, god against monster and moral against amoral. Hindu believes goddess Durga made victory against monster in these ten days of this festival. So Hindu prays goddess Durga for her victory and making whole world free from the evil. Many stories had been written and narrated relating with Dashain in Hindus holy books.

Dumre Bazzar in Bijaya Dashami

This festival is celebrated for about ten days in Brahmin community and about fifteen days in other communities. It is started from the day of Ghatsthapana and ended at purnima. In the day of Ghatsthapana seed of maize are planted in wet mud after praying god without eating any food. Those seedlings are called as Jamara. Those seedlings are kept in shade to make them yellow color which is one of the characteristics of Jamara. These jamaras are used in Phulpati, Asthami, Nawami and Vijaya Dashami to pray god and goddess and also along with tika of dashain. Hindus, Mostly in Phlupati and some in Asthami, gives sacrifice of goat, Changrya, Buffalo, Pig, Cock,  etc. according to their own traditions followed by different casts. Those fleshes of animals were eaten during Dashain Period. Prayer of Nava- Durga (Nine Durga) is done in Nawami of Dashain. In the day of Vijaya Dashami tika and blessing is taken from elder members of family and visits relatives to take tika with blessings. Money is also given along with tika and blessing to relatives. Dashain ends with Vijaya Dashami in Brahmin community but other community put tika upto Purmina. But now-a-days in Brahmin community also tika and blessing were given and taken if some close members of family were unable to reach to their relatives in the day of Vijaya Dashami.
Scenery seen from Baneli, On The Way To Shukhaura

This festival is mainly celebrated by Nepalese Hindu. In India this festival is celebrated but tika, blessing and money collection from elder member is special part of Nepalese culture. Dashain is not major festival for Indian Hindus. So they pray Nava-Durga only. In Nepal, though it is main festival of Hindu, it is also celebrated by Buddhists and other community. Buddhist uses white tika instead of red. But Hindu celebrates it by putting red tika in their forehead.
Uncles Family
Most of the people take advantages of this festival by meeting family, relatives and friends and refreshing their mind from duties and works. Playing cards, dice, swings and other games gives people memorable and valuable time to gather and spent some times with friends, family and relatives. This festival is taken as an opportunity to re-develop relation between two people who has broken their relation before within family, friends and relatives and strengthen their relation who was unable to meet each other for many years due to their busy life. In many family Dashain becomes only reason to meet their brother, sisters, father, mother and other family members. So this festival also helps to develop brotherhood between members of family and community. Exchange of greetings and blessing of Dashain via SMS, phone calls, mails, gifts center and many other means helps to convey message of remembrance to family members, relatives and friends. Many people take this festival as an opportunity to buy new clothes, jewelry, vehicles, houses etc. and decorate their houses. Eating meat and beaten Rice (Chiura) is also one of the characteristics of this festival. Every house has beaten rice either bought from shops or milled in this festival.
    In hilly region, this is the season of Mustard Flowering.
       All the field looks Beautiful by flowers of mustard.
This year I made some plans to celebrate Dashain and Few of them I did. Few of them are still to be done. Since my best friend along with most of my friends of my village is abroad now for work and study I didn’t made any plan to visit many friends and enjoy with them. My gathering with my friends will be casual rather than planned this year. But I’m hoping to meet as much friend as I can. As my fathers’ grand-ma passed away this year I didn’t have any plan to take tika and blessings from elders of my own home. So I planned to utilize this period by visiting my uncles home (Mamaghar) and spend little moments with my Grand-pa, Grand-ma, uncle, aunt, brother and Sister. I planned to go my brothers’ house also. I planned to cut goat of about 20 kg in my own home and enjoy meat with different tastes with my dad, mama and my talkative younger sister. Most important plan that I made is to submit applications for Passport and Motor Bike License. After all these stuffs if some time remains with me I will play some PC-Games in my laptop.
Hills on the way
This year I’m a bit lucky. I almost completed my plans. I visited my uncles’ house and met all whom I mentioned above. It felt pretty good to return with brother and uncle, with his family from his house making huge laugh on the way. Also I got an opportunity to meet my next aunt (mothers little sister) with her son Bibhusan (Chamche). This was great pleasure to me to meet her after more than three years. It was really pleasure moment to be drunk with my brother, Mr. Santosh, while going uncles’ home and next day near his home too. I meet my mums’ elder sister (thulo-mum) and her husband (thulo-buba), my sister Sushma (daughter of thulo-buba) with bhanji and bhanja. I was glad to see him finer and healthier than before. Somehow I managed time to play PC-Games too. Meeting with friends Janak adhikari, Ramu Adhikari, Prakash Adhikari, Surya Baniya, Devendra Pariyar, evening biking with Abid vai and meeting other relatives was very much memorable moment for me this year. I had phone contact with Mr. Bikash Tripathi. Cutting goat, processing and cleaning after cutting and helping neighbor for same purpose makes me feel like I’m perfect butcher. Cooked blood (Rautuwa) along with Beaten Rice (Chiura) was my best flavor that I ever tasted this year. It replaced my lunch and dinner for few days.
One of the types of swing constructed during Dashain. People use to play it while walking to refresh themselves.
More than that I got chance to attain two marriages in this Dashain, one in Kathmandu and another near my house. I was eagerly waiting to go janta since last five year which was fulfilled this year by uncle friend Navaraj Poudel. I enjoyed lot teasing Sali (forgot her Name) for hiding shoes bridegroom. I don’t have an idea how fast time passed teasing her. Hard Drink party inside bus with staff and sleeping in Ramesh uncles’ home after the party was unforgettable for me. But I missed my white casual coat a lot.
Bandipur Bazzar, One of the Tourism Spot of Nepal which lies on the way to uncles home.
After holidays, last but not least, I planned to apply for Passport and Driving License. During that period I was planning to meet My Bhinaju Krishna in Damauli, if time favors me. This is how my Dashain ends this year. I hoped to complete rest of my plans and made further plans for Tihar which is approaching. I’m planning to enjoy this Tihar with my two sisters. If I got such a chance, It will be after two or may be three year I am going to take bhai tika from my own sister and It will be first time from my birth I’m going to take bhai tika from my another sister. It will be great feeling to have new enjoyable moment with my two sisters after such a long period. I am excited about that.

Nepal is rich in its culture and traditions. The varieties of festivals and occasions we celebrate carry own significance.

Dashain “The Greatest Festival of Nepalese”

Among them, Dashain being the greatest festival for Nepalese is always celebrated with the zeal and most joyful ways. It is celebrated almost for 15 days in the month of October; 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th days are most important.
The 1st day is welcomed following the rituals of ‘Ghatsthapana’ by worshiping Goddess Durga for 9 consecutive days. The main day is called ‘Dashami’ which is also known as ‘Vijaya Dashami’, the day when Goddess Durga got victory over demons. On this day the seniors put ‘Tika’ and ‘Jamara’ giving blessings to their younger ones. The special money given to the younger ones is received as ‘Dakchhina’. This day is like a family reunion where everyone enjoys with the varieties of food, playing cards, flying kites, etc. Dashain not only reunites the families and friends but it also gives the working people time to relax and have the rejuvenated towards life.

Tihar “The Festival of Lights”

Tihar is the most beautiful and dazzling festival for the Hindus. It is the second greatest festival for Nepalese, after Dashain. It is said to be the festival of the lights. The cities and the surroundings look very clean and wonderful with the smell and presence of the marigold flowers.
The festival usually falls in the month of October or November, celebrated for five days worshiping 4 different animals i.e. Kaag Tihar (Crow Tihar), Kukur Tihar (Dog Tihar), Gai Tihar (Cow Tihar)- the main day to worship the goddess of wealth, Laxmi, Goru Tihar (Ox Tihar) and the 5th day is celebrated as ‘Bhaitika’ which signifies and carries great importance for the love and concern between brothers-sisters. The sisters put the seven colours Tika on the brother’s forehead and pray for their longer life and progress. Tihar always brings the joyous and jolly mood in the families and friends; playing ‘Deusi-bhailo’ and trying the best to welcome the goddess Laxmi, who is believed to bring the happiness and positivity towards the life of the people.

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