Essay Scholarships For African American Students

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2017 Scholarships Available For Black Students

Every year, more than $50 billion dollars in scholarships are given away to students of all ethnic backgrounds. This number includes many awards that are given only to African American students and other minorities.

Such opportunities are needed because African Americans continue to show the greatest need in the area of financial assistance. Even more, the education gap between minority students and their white counterparts is still very wide.

This web site was designed to help African American students find the latest scholarships and grants that are being given away by non-profit organizations, government agencies and major corporations.

Most of these programs aim to assist disadvantaged people who come from poor families and can not afford to pay for college. However, there are also programs that recognize and award students who can demonstrate excellence in education, sports, community service, etc. regardless of their financial status.

Most scholarships can be renewed for multiple years, and do not have to be repaid as long all of the agreed-upon terms are being met. Even more, scholarships can typically be used for, not just tuition, but also to pay for rooming, books, and other college needs!

Below are the top scholarship awards available this year:


Lincoln Forum Scholarship Essay Contest
A writing contest pertaining to the life and times of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era.


McKesson Pharmacy Scholarship
Designed to assist pharmacy students who plan to continue their education.


National Achievement Scholarship
Established in 1964 to provide recognition for outstanding African American high school students.

National Black Police Association Scholarships
For students pursuing careers in law enforcement, criminal justice, and other related areas.

National Institute of Grants For Women
Designed to help women and girls find funding for college education, and more.

National Institute of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship
For students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are pursuing science and health-related research.

National SMART Grant
Available to full-time students who are majoring in science, math, technology, engineering, and more.


Ron Brown Scholar Program
Seeks to identify African American high school seniors who will make significant contributions to society.

Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship
Seeks to recognize outstanding young people who are promoting American values on college campuses.


Siemen Competition
Competition for individual or team research projects in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology.


Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholarships
For first-generation students majoring in business, finance, science, engineering, and more.

Tri-Delta Scholarships
For students who excel in chapter and campus involvement,community service, academics, and more.

Tylenol Scholarship
For students pursuing a career in health care who can demonstrate leadership and academic qualities.


United Negro College Fund Scholarships
Administers 400 different scholarship programs so low-income families can afford college, tuition, and books.

U.S. Bank Internet Scholarship
For high school seniors planning to enroll or college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors already enrolled.

USDA/1890 National Scholars Program
For students seeking a Bachelor's degree in agriculture, food, or natural resource sciences and related majors.


Vanguard Minority Scholarship Program
Provides merit-based scholarships to minority students studying business, finance, economics, and more.


William B. Ruggles Right To Work Journalism Scholarship
Available to undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in journalism or a related field.

Writer's Digest Annual Short Story Competition
Contest for writers who can compose the best fictional short story, written in 1,500 words or less.


Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship
For academic high-achievers in science, engineering, and information technnology.

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